Most frequent questions and answers

We guarantee shipment within one business day of your order placement. However, upon the rare occasion of a hiccup in the supply chain — NOT to worry!! Borobabi promises to contact you within one business day of your order placement, guaranteed! Should there be any interruption with your shipment or any stock issue with your order, we will notify you via email, and modify your charges immediately. 

We send return shipping labels with each and every order, rented or bought! If at any time you need a return label to send our Borobabi items back for store credit, connect with us at contact@borobabi.com. We’ll email you the shipping label for your return, plus send you a Borobabi store credit worth 20% of the original price of the item you purchased from us. Get credit for every Borobabi item you return!

At Borobabi, we’re all parents. We know clothes can’t always come back in perfect condition – kids are kids! Our aim is to keep clothing in a circular system, so we accept returns in any condition. We will never charge you penalties for returning unusable clothing – it’s all part of closing the circular loop and avoiding the landfill!

All of our pre-loved items have been laundered using detergents that are approved for infant use and have A ratings from the Environmental Working Group. We use UV-C light technology to sterilize the water, killing any bacteria and viruses that could be present. We align with the EWG because they have the most comprehensive data set and have assessed individual ingredients for toxicity, hazards and severity.

Borobabi members pay a monthly fee based on the items they’ve selected, and duration of their borrow. Each article of clothing has an associated cost, charged only during the time of use. We bill on a monthly cycle based on order dates, and adjust charges if a full month has not lapsed.

The average customer rental length is four months, and return charges are based on USPS postmarked dates.

It’s the circular economy, baby! Old traditional retailers make their revenue from one transaction, with one single customer. In our circular economy, that same revenue is spread over multiple members, lowering the price for everyone! Higher quality items stay in circulation longer, and the cost savings is passed on to you! Even our new items are heavily discounted, so there’s no need to wait until end-of-season sales or coupons.

Each order ships with a free return label and a reusable Borobabi bags. When your children outgrow the clothing or when the seasons change – place a new order and ship your old order back!

Life happens, items get lost! If you can’t return an item, let us know! We will charge the remaining balance of the purchase price, no questions asked.

Borobabi partners with several companies, from startups to non-profits, who are disrupting the recycling space. We partner based on material recyclability. Synthetic textiles like polyester, should be recyclable back into raw materials because they don’t degrade quickly. We prefer carrying naturally derived mono-materials like cotton, wool, and linen because of their ability to be recycled and composted. You can check out our Stories section to learn more!