Most frequent questions and answers

Although we would love all clothing to come back in perfect condition, as parents we also understand that’s physically impossible! We get it, things happen – kids are kids! Since our aim is to keep clothing in a circular system, we accept returns in any condition, removing any worry regarding damage liability. We will never charge you penalties for returning unusable clothing, we only charge you penalties when you don’t return the clothing at all. This is because the clothing we receive that cannot be re-borrowed is collected and sent off to be responsibly recycled. It is all part of closing the loop and avoiding the landfill!

Yes, of course we do! All of our pre-loved items have been laundered using cleaners that are approved for infant use AND have received A ratings from the Environmental Working Group. We use UV-C light technology to sterilize the water, killing any bacteria and viruses present. We align with EWG’s gradings on cleaning substances because they have the most comprehensive data set and have assessed individual ingredients on toxicity, hazards and severity for both human and environmental health. 

BORO-ers pay a monthly fee based on the duration and quantity of their boro. Each article of clothing has an associated cost that is billed each month the BORO-er rents it out. We bill on a monthly cycle based on Boro-ers order dates and adjust the charge if a full month has not lapsed. For example, if you placed an order January 1st and used the item(s) for about four months (the average customer rental length), and returned the package May 7th (USPS postmarked date), BOROBABI would charge you for January through April and one week of May. We do this, because we believe you should only pay for the clothing when you’re actually using it!

It’s because of the circular economy baby! In a linear system a seller must make all their revenue from the one transaction they have with a single customer. By participating in a circular economy, that same revenue can be spread over multiple people, thus lowering the price for everyone! Even new items are heavily discounted, so you don’t have to wait for end of season sales or coupons. The higher the quality of the item, the longer it stays in circulation and the lower the price you pay! You may have noticed that “fast-fashion” brands have pricing that is similar to very high quality, expensive brands – and there are reasons for this. The pricing for each item is calculated based on many factors, including durability, quality, average length of the rental and cost of recycling. Items which are flimsy, sewn poorly, or made from synthetic blends don’t last very long in our system and are very expensive, sometimes impossible, to safely recycle. Whereas a well-made, organic, fair trade certified item is much more likely to last, allowing multiple families to enjoy, save money and reduce their environmental impact. 

Each order ships with a free return label. When your children have outgrown the clothing or when the seasons are changing – place a new order and ship your old order back! 

We don’t believe that linear fashion is the future and we don’t “sell” anything into an ownership for life model. That said, if you do not return an item, we must charge you the full retail price of the item plus a penalty fee. This is only to incentivize you to participate in the circular economy and not allow people to keep clothing at a massive discount. 

We follow the Cradle to Cradle definition of materials; where natural materials are “biological nutrients” and synthetic materials are “technical nutrients.” Technical nutrients (e.g. polyester), theoretically, should be indefinitely recyclable back into textile raw materials as they don’t degrade quickly. Biological nutrients (e.g., cotton, wool), in theory, should be returnable to nature to degrade safely. In a perfect world all of these items could be recycled; however, this is not the case today. Although the US generates more waste per person than any other developed nation, we recycle the least. Technologies exist but we lack the government requirements and public sector support to create the required infrastructure. That is why BOROBABI partners with different companies, from startups to non-profits, who are disrupting this space. We have different recycling partners based on the materials the items are made from. Check out our Stories section to learn more!