BOROBABI [bor-oh bey-bee] is an innovative solution for impactful shopping

We encourage lifetime returns of all of our products.

We empower our community to reduce their closet footprint.

We elevate ethical circular fashion.


and return! Purchase a perfect outfit for your little one now, and return it to us for recycling later! All of our items come with a lifetime return guarantee. Purchase now and return anytime to receive 20% of the retail price paid back in store credit.


Join our circular community and rent what’s best for as long as you need it. Rent a la carte or choose a perfectly curated Borobabi Bundle to last all season long! Keep your items for as long as you need and return them in any condition!


Find a perfect gift for the new parent in your life. Shop a la carte, choose a perfectly curated Borobabi Bundle for any special occasion, or let them choose with a Borobabi Gift Card. No matter what, you are sure to be the hit of the baby shower!

How does it work?

1. Shop

  • Browse to rent, buy, or gift our selection of brands you’ll love!
  • Having trouble selecting on your own? Rent, gift, or buy a specially curated seasonal Borobabi Bundle.
  • Rent OR purchase new and pre-loved clothes. Enjoy them for as long as you need.
  • If rented, your items will be shipped to you in one of our signature returnable BorobabiBags with a return shipping label already printed.

2. Return

  • When you’re ready, return your rented items in our pre-paid eco-friendly BorobabiBag, and order again! We accept all clothing…no matter the condition! Yes, you read that right!
  • Don’t worry about stains, tears, or heavy use. We do the work to expertly + safely clean and fully restore our clothing. Our rigorous inspection process includes a “like new” guarantee – you can trust our items are a pristine non-toxic clean.
  • All of our items for sale have a lifetime return guarantee. Return any item, purchased from Borobabi, at anytime to receive 20% of the retail price paid back in store credit.

3. Repeat

  • If an item has reached its full potential, we disassemble the clothing, sort it based on material composition and send it for recycling through our network of local partnerships. If there is still life in it, we recirculate the product for more families to safely enjoy!
  • Let your children grow with us! Come back, rent again, and always wear whats best!

Why Borobabi?

Real talk. Did you know that…

Children’s clothing is a $16bn market

Parents spend $650 per year, per child, on clothing

63 million pounds of clothing goes to landfill every single day

We want to change your life and restyle the future.

Heres how we do it.

  • By renting & returning with Borobabi, families can see all of their monthly clothing costs in one convenient location. They can shop, return, and reorder efficiently, giving them more precious hours to enjoy with their children. Borobabi’s shared economy model gives families access to monthly rates that reduce regularly priced items by up to 75%
  • Our members reduce the amount of waste in landfills. All our items are used to their full potential and then upcycled to make something new. We are committed to extending the life of our garments. When an item does reach its full potential, we disassemble the clothing, sort it based on material composition and send it for recycling through our network of local partnerships. These recyclers break down the clothing and spin it into thread for new garments. The advantage of using natural materials is that, unlike synthetics, they biodegrade quickly in the environment. If we cannot recycle the garment, we safely compost what remains.
  • On average per month, every clothing item returned saves:
    • 5 lbs of CO2 emissions
    • 26 gallons of water
    • ½ lb of cotton
  • We want your children to feel great in our clothes and our families to feel great about how those items were sourced and created. All of our partners are serious about high style and sustainability. We’ve searched the globe, and our designers only begin with natural fibers, use non-toxic chemicals, and pay manufacturers a living wage to make these garments.

“The Borobabi Bundles are full of my favorite fall pieces for little ones. They are a perfect blend of function and fashion.”

– Meris Butler, Creative Director

What People Are Saying

Jenna & Jess

& Borobabi Harper

“Harper loves her Borobabi clothes so much! We love how all of the clothing is comfortable on her soft skin and yet so cute and stylish! We feel genuinely good putting her in any outfit from Borobabi and getting comments on how cute her outfits look is icing on the cake!


& Borobabi Kingston

“Sustainable/fashionable/safe; seems synonymous with expensive, but with Borobabi it’s not. Knowing that I’m breaking the cycle of the clutter and waste of cheap clothes he has grown out of, and instead receiving super cute, sustainable clothes that I can later return is a game-changer”


& Borobabi Mari

“ We love Borobabi!  The clothes are so stylish, and comfortable – not to mention affordable.  Looking forward to our next order already!”

Wear What’s Best

Together, Borobabi & our Brand Partners are working toward a Fully Circular Future

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Give the gift of timeless style, wrapped in simple change for the future.

Baby Showers, birthdays, or “just because” – a Borobabi Gift Card is the perfect way to provide ethical, organic fashion for the kids you love.