How it works

We take sustainability seriously and we reward conscious shopping.

How the $1 Bundle Trial Works

Click the Send Me A Bundle button to fill out our quiz.

Tell us your style, budget, fit requirements and whether you prefer New or Pre-Loved garments. All Pre-Loved garments are like new quality and cleaned with state-of-the-art technology.

We’ll curate a bundle of 7 sustainable items from around the world, unique to your little one and shipped right to your door.

Choose what you like – you decide whether to buy, rent or return any of the items within our 5 day trial period.

Shipping is always free, and no subscription is required.

How Renting Works

Rent any items & save up to 75% off retail by paying only as long as you keep the items.

We charge monthly prices per item and correct all final charges based on the post marked date you ship the items back.

We accept returns in any condition without penalty. Being parents ourselves, we understand that kids can get messy!

We provide a solution for the bins of outgrown clothing. Only use clothes while they fit, then send them back to size up!

How Buying with Lifetime Return Works

Buy any of our items to gift or to keep as long as you like.

When you are done with the clothing you can always send them back to us in any condition, at any time for our Lifetime Return Credit worth 20% of the original purchase price.

Our goal is to keep clothing out of landfills, and we take full responsibility for our garments – Borobabi clothes always have a home back with us.

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