Lifetime Returns

How it Works


At Borobabi, we want children to look good & feel good. We curate collections full of soft breathable fabrics that are easy to wear and healthy for the planet. We only partner with brands that meet our rigorous company sustainability requirements. Our clothes are made with no toxic chemicals and all natural fibers that put safety and durability first as your little ones grow.


Any items that you buy from us can be returned to Borobabi. We commit to accepting any used returns, regardless of condition, for 20% of the retail price paid back in store credit . All of our clothing becomes part of our circular economy by being resold or recycled. The end is simply a new beginning!


We are committed to extending the life of our garments. When an item reaches its full potential, we disassemble the clothing, sort it based on material composition and send it for recycling through our network of local partnerships. These recyclers break down the clothing and spin it into thread for new garments. The advantage of using natural materials is that, unlike synthetics, they biodegrade quickly in the environment. If our clothing cannot be recycled, we safely compost what remains.