America's first circular retailer™

our purpose

We make ethically & sustainably crafted clothing accessible to all parents through a circular model that responsibly sources, upcycles and recycles clothing to ensure the health of our planet for generations to come.

Borobabi is a Public Benefit Corporation.

our mission


To create a circular supply chain that regenerates natural system, keeps products in circulation, and designs out waste to reduce the environmental impact of fashion


To create a pricing structure that enables access to ethically and sustainably made clothing for all income levels and backgrounds.


To provide parents and children with garments made from natural fibers that are free from toxins in the agricultural, manufacturing, and wash processes.

our values


We care about your children like they’re ours. In every action we take, we consider your comfort and safety—and the health of the world that we’re leaving to our children


All people should have equal rights and equitable opportunities, regardless of race, sex, identity and/or background. We believe diverse perspectives make us stronger.


We always bring our authentic selves to work. We let our guard down and lean into the things we don’t know by seeking help from others. We believe in transparency with one another as well as in our business operations—and how that impacts our key stakeholders.


We welcome challenges, change, and growth with open arms. We know that the environment around us is ever changing and improving, and we must do the same in order to have the greatest impact possible.