We are parents doing our best for all children and the planet.

Part science, part design.

We saw the piles of clothing growing in our homes. We questioned the life cycle of these garments – where did they go? Most clothing – even donated – just ends up in landfills.

We decided it was time to evolve.

Through research, we discovered the answer is our own circular economy. We use organic natural materials, woven with ethical standards, & we build a network of families who want the best items, and the best quality.

We bring dedication & experience you can trust.

Our passion for families and the future means we’re committed to bring you clothing for your children that you can feel good about.

Carolyn & Meris

Our Team

Rich Amsinger

Head of Brand

Erica Ryger

Head of Communications

Carolyn Butler


Kate Lumpkin

Head of Social Media

Meris Butler

Creative Director

Vince Ovlia

Head of Data & Systems

Our Advisory Board

Steven Tamares

Former CEO of Bed Bath & Beyond

Annie Longsworth

Former CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi S; Impact Dir., FR Binder; Founder, The Siren Agency

David Olk

Founder, ShopKeep (acquired by Lightspeed 2020); Founder, Voray

Eugene Castagna

Former CFO of Bed Bath & Beyond; President of Buy Buy Baby

Liz Leahy

Founder, Purple Sage Ventures

Kinshuk Jerath

Professor of Marketing, Columbia Business School

Jack Kaplan

Founder, Datamark Technologies; Professor of Entrepreneurship, Columbia Business School

Arthur Parry

Founder, Fundatio Consulting; Former Global Innovation Leader, Proctor & Gambie

Urooj Khan

Professor of Accounting, University of Texas Austin – Red McCombs School of Business

Borobabi’s beneficial owners are Carolyn Butler and all Borobabi employees and advisors