Our Story

We decided it was time to evolve.

We saw the piles of clothing growing in our homes. We began to question the life cycle of these garments – where did they go? Most clothing – even donated – just ends up in landfills. We decided not to fuel the current course of use and waste.

We created something new.

Through research, we discovered the answer is our own circular economy. We use organic natural materials, woven with ethical standards, and we build a network of families who want the best items, and the best quality. 

We bring dedication and experience you can trust.

We struggled to find fitting, stylish maternity wear that didn’t cost a fortune. Our babies grew out of clothing so quickly – sometimes with the tags still intact. Our combined experience in engineering and fashion equipped us with the know-how and the passion to bring you clothing you can feel good about.

We strive to make Borobabi your most trusted home for baby and mama clothes.